Letters to Coach and Christy

Thanks so much! The Hawaii Trip was the high light of our season, year and my career even though we've won many sectionals, leagues, tournaments and games. Thank you so much for all your time and efforts in helping us to make it happen. We all enjoyed the trip so much. It'll be a lifetime memory for all of us. I've had some coaches contact me about your tourney and have given them much and any information they wanted about it. They really seemed excited about contacting you. I hope they have. I've told them all that I'm telling you. I wish I had the funds to go again next year, but I'll probably have to wait. I hope to do it again some year, God willing. I hope everything is good with you, your son and family. Thank your son so much for filming for us. Unfortunately, we lost in the second round of the playoffs. My players struggled shooting last Wednesday, but we still had a awesome season. Please refer anyone that inquires to you about your tourney and I'll definitely let them know it's the best trip they'll ever make. We've had pictures of our trip on the internet, newspapers, television, etc. etc. May God keep blessing you, your family and the rest of us.

 Cajon Coach Mark Lehman

Good to hear from you!
We ended up with a 9/5 win/loss record overall, so I think we did quite well. Our games in London & Singapore were a lot of fun. In Minnesota, they had a lot of fun, but boy, it was cold!!!
You'll be happy to know that nearly everyone rates Kona as our best destination - so thank-you for making it a major highlight of our tour!!
We are having a get-together in a few weeks to reminisce and compare photos, stories, etc, so it will be great to show the discs too!!
Thankfully, none of our team were directly affected by the floods, but some had a few issues with their workplaces. There were many stadiums that were affected and our Rep games til April have been rescheduled - both Brisbane Basketball (Auchenflower) and Ipswich Basketball went under....if you can google the Auchenflower one, you'll see that the water was nearly to the rings!!!! Very scary stuff!!!
Take care and keep in touch!!
Chris & Chris x
Aussie Hawks
Feb. 7, 2011

Oh, how we all miss Hawaii.  We had so much fun, the people showed great humbleness and you went beyond your call.  It was wonderful to have finally met you in person and you are such an inspiration to the youth.  Our boys mentioned at the airport how they wished we were finally arriving.  They talked about how much fun they had and how humble the people were.  Before we even left the hotel they talked about returning next year, so you can count us in. 
I hope I will be able to return to Kona before the next tournament.  My daughter would like to see Kona as we keep talking about it's beauty.  We wanted to say, "THANK YOU" from our hearts and thank you for giving the boys the opportunity to experience great competition and in meeting new friends.
I will certainly keep in touch. 
(Hang Loose sign)
White Mountain Apache

The warm greeting from the moment we stepped into the Kona Airport was so GREAT!! At that moment, we knew our experience was going to be a lasting memory. We never expected to do so good while at your tournament, but I guess our hard work paid off. Our teams really loved the whole tournament and they were happy to be a big part of everything that went on. Thank you so much once again, and I will surely keep in touch with you!! May GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Coach Chris Leon Guerrero
Guam Crusaders

Our entire organization and parents had a wonderful time in Kona...the kids are still processing what they experienced and will be for some time. The team got better because of the competition and games, especially with the two great clubs from Hawaii. Those were the games that this group needed to have in order to know what it's like to play elite teams in another state. It will have us ready for our State Championship run and will give us reference about how those games need to be approached mentally. It was great!

jt/Head Coach-Crater Girls Basketball

Aloha Christy,
I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication put into the tournament. We look foward to the opportunity every summer and look foward to returning soon. Thank you so much.
Coach Jonathan Furtado
August 7, 2009

Thanks again for everything, we had a great time. Your efforts, honesty and overall ease of planning and working with us was excellent. We especially enjoyed the beaches and swimming in the ocean. The cruise was also a lot of fun and gave everyone a chance to "feel the ocean".We found people in Kona to be very polite, helpful and a pleasure to deal with.  Hopefully we will be able to return and play again someday.
All the best and keep in touch,

Whitby Wildcats

"We plan on coming back every year!

Leilani Ripley
American Samoa,
August 6th, 2009

You were such a wonderful host to our team and families!!!  All the special events and the tournament itself was worth the effort to participate, many times over.  Of course the girls hoped to win the tournament, but felt good about competing and having a trophy to bring home.

My brother said that last night's hypnotist activity was the highlight of the whole trip.  He said it would have been worth making the trip just for that event.  Three of our girls participated.  They don't remember a thing but will have video and stories from others to relive it.

I know how much hard work that you and others put into the event and really worked to make it special for all participants.  I was sad to have to leave early, but heard great things about the remainder of the week from our team.

Consider us for a BOY'S high school invitation in 3 years (2011).  My nephews will be a junior and senior then.

Thank you for the wonderful memories/hospitality and God Bless!

Joyce McFarland
WNBA Someday
Nez Perce Tribe, Idaho

         As the founder of the newly created Upcountry Elite Program, we would like to send our thanks and appreciation to you. It was a wonderful opportunity and learning experience for myself as well as my children. The program was created to teach the kids in our community not only basketball fundamentals, but also life skills. Our children have faced adversity all their lives from: drugs, alcohol, divorced parents, death in family, abuse, gang related issues, etc. Myself along with a few coaches, have dedicated our lives to showing these kids, if you believe in yourself and have the right work ethic, great things can happen. So for the last 6 months, my children have practiced very hard everyday, as well as donating their time to various community services. They have spend many hours: playing with special needs children, cleaning various public areas, along with other activities.
        Thanks to your beautiful tournament, my children have reached a goal. Their goal was not to win the tournament, although we strive for excellence on and off the court, but just to get to the tournament and prove that we belong. My kids now believe they can do something special with their lives. After our last game of the tournament, we sat down as a team. Every player on the team not only talked about their problems in life, but also their goals for the future. We now have kids that strive to do special things, like going to college, compared to six months ago where they didnt care about going to class.
My kids are my life. And now my life has a positive future. Upcountry Elite has a positive future. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you. 
Lots of love and respect,
                        Jonathan Furtado
                        Founder of Upcountry Elite Basketball

Thank you again for a wonderful time in Hawaii.  We just had our Senior Night at Troy, and ALL the boys listed HAWAII as their favorite memory !!

Troy HS

Thank you for all you did for the tournament. It was a great experience for our girls and I am sure it created some lasting memories for them.


Mike Heavey
Northside Prep, Illinois

Thank you so much for all your work in putting together the basketball tournament!  From the very beginning with the flow of e-mails back and forth between you and Jacqueline, and then with me, Coach Marshall and the team while we were there, you were available for everything!

Highlights for me were the:  Luau cruise, New Year's Eve party, the teams participating, the expertise of the training staff, gym personnel, the officials (especially Jacqueline and the finals crew), and YOU (and your family!).  Your amazing high energy, willingness to listen, flexibility (I mean that you did handstands and backflips daily), and fortitude in trying to make everyone happy with a constant bright smile, was truly exceptional.

With oodles of gratitude always, Jeaney :)

Jeaney Garcia
Athletic Director
Brentwood School

It was an honor for us to be there.  Please keep us in mind for next year.  We are fortunate to have great kids and all of our coaches' thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

Coach Rake
Thunderbird HS, AZ

Thanks for the kind words.  I am always so proud of our kids!  You run a tremendous event! 
Jim Harris
Oceanview HS Boys and Girls

   I want to thank you on behalf of our players, coaches, and parents who attended the WYBT this summer.  We played against some good competition, we improved as a team, but most importantly, we had a great time.  Everything was well-organized and first class.  Thank you again for having us, and hopefully we can make this an annual event for our program.

Patrick Geil
San Joaquin Memorial High School
Head Boys Basketball Coach

Thank you so much for the hospitality.  It was great for our kids to play in that type of competition and environment.   We loved the experience and look forward to returning.

All the best, and thanks again.

American School of Dubai

   I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and hospitality. The girls and parents had a great time. I know my family really enjoyed the Big Island and Kona.
   Please pass on to the officiating crew that I thought they did
a great job and as an official myself I know what a thankless job it can be.
Thanks again,
Chico Ambush

Thanks for showing us such a great time in Hawaii. My husband and I accompanied our son, James, who played for Wellington in the JV boys grade, we definitely had a blast! The tournament provided everything that you said it would. For James, he has made friends with other players, (- most memorably, Arizona and Canada) learned heaps from watching other Teams and has lots of stories to tell - definitely a life lasting experience for us all! Hawaii is a beautiful Island with lots of beautiful people! We will be back there on holiday sometime soon!
I know how hard you all worked to pull this off, congratulations, the tournament definitely provided everything it said it would!
Maryanne Stevenson-Wright
Kapiti Coast, NZ

On behalf of our players, coaches & boosters, thank you so much for hosting our Calgary NSD-STARS Basketball group at the WYBT. What a tremendous opportunity & experience for all of us to be able to participate in a tournament in Hawaii! The games were challenging, the weather was fantastic & the people were always friendly.

It was particularly enjoyable to play games with teams from New Zealand, Hawaii, Oregon & California. We don't get these opportunities back home so found these games very rewarding. The dinner cruise & the Mahalo dinner were greatly appreciated. The dinner cruise was tremendous! Mahalo.

Overall, the tournament and the time we spent in Kona was a winner. The both of you welcomed our group with open arms and were always friendly towards us. All of the players greatly appreciated the surf board trophies to conclude the tournament. These were a nice touch, thanks again.

All the best - Aloha & Mahalo.
Mark Hogan
Calgary Stars 8/06

Thanks for a great experience. The parents and players haven't stop talking about the overall experience.
Tim Pickett
Central Jersey Hawks U11 girls 8/06

The tournament was a blast. We all had so much fun, and the island has so much to offer. I know our family will be back.
Thanks and take care,
Linda 8/06

Thanks for all your kindness and hospitality. I just got home yesterday from Vancouver and the last couple of weeks have been so much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Hawaii, and I want to thank you again for everything you guys did to ensure the tournament was well organized and fair. I hope I can
return with another team in a few years.

Thanks again,
Newfoundland Cavs 8/06

My daughter has never sounded so excited about a basketball event before.
She loved the competition, the location and the wonderful hospitality.
Calgary Stars 8/06

Thank you so much for the email. Our girls had a great time, I want to thank you for the opportunity to come play in your tournament, it was a great experience!! I look forward to possibly bringing another team sometime soon.
Thanks again,
Calgary Stars 8/06

You worked hard all week. Thanks.
We enjoyed our time and feel we played well against solid competition.
Again, mahalo.
Luke Roth
Sheldon HS, OR 8/06

The girls all arrived home safely and have nothing but good things to say about the Tournament. Thank-you for all the time and effort yourself and Scott put into this event.
NZ Altolab 8/06

Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts in organizing the WYBT - Holiday Edition. We had a blast! The kids really enjoyed playing, although I think the highlight, apart from winning the tournament, was the Polynesian Cruise. Dancing the night away with the male Hawaiian dancers is something our girls will remember for a long time.
Thanks again,
Keystone Storm

You run a first class operation! The format of play works well. What more can you ask for but to have your championship game go into overtime. The parents and girls really enjoyed the level of competition and the fact that it all takes place in Hawaii. Wow! It was great to meet the coaches and players from all over the country. Everyone's attitude was nothing but positive. Kudos to the both of you, great job. See you next year!
--Ron Lombardi
--NJ Fire

A lifetime of memories! There is nothing like playing Basketball on the Big Island. WYBT is a top notch program that I am proud to be part of. Colorado Springs Stars has already made plans to attend next years event. Excellent!
--Coach David Verdu
--Colorado Springs Stars

Thank you for a great basketball experience and wonderful visit to the Big Island. I hope to get an AAU team back there next summe We enjoyed the  hoops, the island, and the people.
Thanks again,
--Art Sathoff
--Pekin Panthers, Iowa

   Thanks a ton for a great tourney and experience. Everyone was very impressed with the quality and love that was obviously put into the tourney by Christy and Scott. We look forward to experiencing it again in the future.
--Coach Mike Hammond (2 time WYBT attendee)
--Cincinnati Ice Angels
--August 4, 2004

   I just wanted to thank you again for being such great hosts in Kona. We enjoyed our Hawaii stay immensely. Hopefully, we can come back next year with all of our players and be the premiere team in the girls divisons! Thanks again, our girls had a great cultural and sporting experience.
--Ed and Cindy Schuessler
--St. Louis Jammers Red and Green
--August 10, 2004

   Hi from Bonanza, Oregon!! The WYBT has brought us many great memories!! We are planning a return trip in 2005.
   By the way, we are currently 5-0 in league and 13-1 overall. One of the contributing factors is the trip to Hawaii!! This is the best start since 1973!!! Been a long time.
Take care,
--Rob Nieraeth
--Head Basketball Coach
--Bonanza High School
--January 26, 2004

When it is set, could I get contact info on the high school girls teams in your December tourney? We are excited to tell them about our awesome school and basketball program at College of the Canyons. By the way, thanks to your contacts, we currently have Hina Kimetete from state champs Konawaena High! She is a nice player and an even nicer kid.
Thanks again.
--Harlan Perlman
--Asst. Women's Basketball Coach
--College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA
--October 11, 2005

   Just wanted to throw a quick note your way and say ALOHA, MAHALO and also to thank you for running what ranks as the best tournament we've participated in at McCrea Sports International. We have been in this business for over 10 years, have taken hundreds of kids all over the world (Australia, Hawaii, Ireland, Dominican Republic...) and this tournament has it all. Hats off to you for running a fabulous organization and thanks for showing myself and my kids a wonderful time. If you're ever in Iowa (god knows why you would be!), look me up!
--Rod McCrea
--McCrea Sports International
--August 16, 2004

    I just want to say that this is a great thing that you do with this WYBT. I played in the one in 99'. My whole team had a blast. It gave some of us an opportunity to visit a place we never would have gotten to. I was just looking at the pics from then and thought I would show my belated thanks and gratitude for continuing to do it.

--Sean Cook
--Madison Shooting Stars 99' (Madison, Indiana)
--November 13, 2003

I have received a number of emails from college coaches from around the country. Thanks for the referral on our girls. Hope you and Christy are doing well.
--Coach Gary Cooper
--Big Island Ballahz
--September 6, 2005

Thank you for the Cornell College contact. We had a great time in Hawaii.
Cheryl and I appreciate all that you and Christie did for us in Hawaii. We look forward to seeing you again sometime in the near future. I am going to look into getting the Waldorf schools involved with your tournaments as well.
--Rich and Cheryl Obregon,
--Bobby Jackson Lady Pharaohs,
--Sacramento, California